Thursday, September 8, 2011

Amarillo Sky

My Farmer may not bring home flowers all the time. But who needs flowers when there's an amazing sunset just down the road?

He called me from the tractor a few days ago and told me, "There's a pretty sunset tonight." I was hidden away in the basement office. I would have missed it without a reminder. And it was way prettier than any bouquet.

As I watched the sunset and the tractor move through the field, I thought of the Jason Aldean song, Amarillo Sky. The country singer may have been talking about a sky in another state, but it works in Kansas, too.

It says, in part:

He just takes the tractor another round
And pulls the plow across the ground

And sends up another prayer
He says, "Lord, I never complain. I never ask why
"But please don't let my dreams run dry
Underneath, Underneath this

Amarillo sky

While I was out there, I tried getting a photo of a sunflower and the sunset. I wasn't thrilled with the results until I worked a little magic with the computer and made it more like a painting than a photograph.

It's not like God needs my help with gorgeous scenery. He's an expert at creating Masterpieces.

Farmchicks Farm Photo Friday

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  1. This really is a beautiful sunset! So nice of DH to call you and remind you to check it out.