Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Millie Update

She isn't nearly as well-behaved as her namesake, Millie, the KWCH weather dog. But she's a farm dog, not a TV star.

She's been part of the County Line menagerie since June 2, when we brought her home from the Hutchinson Animal Shelter. In 4 months, the cats have learned to tolerate her. Ralph - just like an older sibling - is resigned to the fact that this energetic interloper is here to stay.

I first took her picture in the backyard tub on June 13.

Nearly 4 months later, she is taking up considerably more space. I no longer worry that Millie's short legs can't make the whole 4-mile trek during our morning walk.

June 2011

Millie's legs are nearly as long as Ralph's these days. It's our senior citizen Ralph who is looking for shortcuts across the farm fields.

She's about 6 months old, which makes her the equivalent of an 8-year-old child in dog years. After spending the weekend, Jill & Eric think Millie's "people" should be a little more diligent in teaching her character traits like sharing and patience. They are probably right. Goodness knows, Ralph has had to be a model of those virtues since Millie arrived.

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