Small Town Christmas

Small Town Christmas

Thursday, May 3, 2012


The days of s'mores around the backyard stone fireplace are as long gone as the fire that warmed the marshmallows to a perfect golden brown. The limestone has given way to time and neglect.
Even after the stone chimney was no longer a place to grill a hotdog on a stick, it had a repurposed life. But instead of a feast for the family, it was a feast for the imagination as a little girl played in the backyard, cooking imaginary meals with a saucepan and tea kettle. That little girl now has a baby of her own, who will no doubt invite her own dolls to make-believe tea parties some day.
And again, the stone chimney has new life, even in the midst of the County Line's version of urban - OK, rural - blight. A mama cat has nestled her babies in the leaves in a back corner.
It's not a very convenient location for the Farmer who likes to hold new kitties. But Mama Cat didn't ask him.

Cats are like that.
And I guess the old fireplace is again providing a location for a family's sustenance. Funny how life circles back around, isn't it?

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