Wednesday, September 26, 2012

God's Signature

The sunrise is God's greeting,
 the sunset His signature. 
I'm thankful for beautiful signatures to long days of wheat planting. While I'm not in the tractor disking or in the other tractor pulling the wheat drill, I am still a piece of the puzzle as I make parts runs, deliver meals and provide chauffeur service from one field to the next.

So, while I usually have much more to say, today I think I'll let God do the talking via a beautiful sunset. (A bunch of bloggers participate in Wordless Wednesdays. This is as close as I get to wordless. But who needs words with skies like this?)

Sunset - September 24, 2012 - Randy disking ahead of the wheat drill after a supper break. Yes, supper was late.

Click here for a glimpse at God's greeting for the day - sunrise.


  1. I'm Brenda's (farmgirlsdabbles)mom and I was intrigued by the blog title following your name. Love your pictures. Being a farm wife myself they bring back lots of good memories.

    1. So glad to have you visit! I literally live on the county line of Stafford and Reno County, Kansas. So, I named my blog Kim's County Line to represent my location, but also for more meanings - line can be a musical line, a written line, a line of thought, etc. Hope you'll check in with me often! (I love Brenda's recipes, by the way. She must have had a good teacher!!)