Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Visit to the Farm, Part II, By Kinley Marie

A Visit to the Farm
By Kinley Marie

Hi, it's me again, Kinley Marie. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. But I was just too busy keeping up with my grandparents.

As I told you last week, I came to Grandma and Grandpa Fritzemeier's farm at the County Line for a visit. I rode with my Mommy to Wichita, where she had a meeting, and then my Grandma and Grandpa picked me up. It was a long trip to the farm, but I stayed awake so that I wouldn't miss anything.
When we got to their house, I got to meet some new friends. Well, I'm not sure they were my friends. They were kind of big, even though one of them was born just that day. I was not sure about getting too close, even with Grandpa there with me. It did give me a chance to practice my "moo" sounds. I am sure that my friends at day care will be impressed that I actually met some cows and didn't just read about them in a book.
It was my first time to meet the cows and calves. But I already knew that Grandpa loves his cats. I helped him feed them.
We also brought one in the house. The rule is that the cat has to stay on Grandpa's lap (Grandma's rules, not mine. She says she is getting soft in her old age because, once upon a time, animals weren't allowed in the house at all.) I was not sure that I wanted to get too close to Grandpa's friend, Tiger. It's important to evaluate situations from a distance. But, then I decided that he might be OK to touch. So I did. He was soft.

I also touched the piano. Grandma was perfectly fine with that. She and I sang lots of songs, too. We even did the actions to "If You're Happy and You Know It" and "Deep and Wide." If the piano playing doesn't work out, I may have a future in percussion. I used Tupperware lids as cymbals while I was waiting on Grandma to get dinner fixed. I also helped her set the table. I am quite a helper.
I am especially good at putting the salt and pepper shakers and the salad dressing bottles on the table.
At left, Kinley in the rocking chair; Jill in the same chair, upper right
Grandma and I did a lot of reading, too. Because I was at the farm, I read the baby farm animals book over and over again. They also got me a new farm animal puzzle. (I can't believe that Grandma didn't get a picture of me playing with the puzzle. She seemed to have the camera ready at every moment.) Anyway, Grandma and Grandpa think I made the turkey "gobble" sounds, honked like a goose and meowed like a kitty. My Mommy is not so sure. The grandparents seem easier to impress.

My favorite reading place was Grandma's lap. But I also liked reading in the rocking chair. My Grandma put a big doll in the chair, but that chair is for girls, not dolls. Grandma says that my Mommy used to sit in the rocking chair, too. (It had a different cover back then. I guess that was the olden days.)
I examined every toy in the toy box and gave them all a try. I also found where Grandma kept the Cheerios. Just in case she forgot, I stood in front of the cabinet door and pointed. All this activity makes a girl mighty hungry.

I also got a ride in the wagon that my Mommy and Uncle Brent used to ride in. It was shinier then.

My Mommy tried to give me a ride in the big swing, but I didn't like it much. I think I'll stick to my little swing at home. 
 I got to see the tractor when Jake was out feeding the cows. But I didn't get a ride this time.
If I keep practicing on my tractor, maybe next time they'll let me drive the real one.

Whew! That was quite a visit. It's hard work to entertain the grandparents.

Much love,
Kinley Marie


  1. What a happy little girl! Looks like she is more than willing to entertain the grandparents. How fun for you.