Monday, May 20, 2013

These Boots Were Made for Watching

These boots are made for "watching"
And that's just what they'll do.
One of these days these boots
Are gonna help sort cattle, too.

Last week, I sent out my apologies for appropriating Bryan Adams' Everything I Do, I Do It for You as my Barnyard Ballad of the Week. Today, my timeless tune is Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made for Walking.
These boots, however, belong to Miss E, our sometimes cattle helper. And her boots were made for watching as we gathered, sorted and hauled cow-calf pairs last week.

These boots were also made for running ...
For climbing ...
And for counting baby calves ...
Miss E's boots got to witness the arrival of baby calves and their mamas to summer pasture. Her trailer included the little brown calf she had claimed as her own. Here was "her" baby when Miss E helped us work the calves on March 20 ...
... and as it arrived at the Rattlesnake Pasture on May 15.
Those boots stood by as the mamas, babies and bulls came out of the pens and took their first look at the pastures where they'll spend the next few months.
Miss E's boots also got a piggyback ride or two.
Can you tell that my tennis shoes were not afforded that same luxury?
Instead, they walked through that mud puddle, where Randy had to come and rescue me from sinking. (Yes, he told me I should go over the fence. I should have listened.)
But my "cattle shoes" lasted through this tour of duty. We got all the pairs moved last week to three different pastures. The cattle's arrival at the Rattlesnake Pasture was delayed by design. Most years, we move cattle to that pasture May 1. Because of the drought, the pasture's grass reserves have been depleted. So we took a third fewer pairs to pasture and also delayed the transition by two weeks to give the grasses a little more time to grow. 

My shoes were made for walking
And that's just what they'll do.
One of these days these shoes
Are gonna be too trashed to use. 

 A little equal time: Arrival at the Ninnescah Pasture


  1. I love this. Finally, I am planning to use this week to catch up on your blog! Sure hope you got some rain last evening--and none of the high winds or hail.

    PS. I'd like to have Ms. E's boots!!

    1. We got 0.25" of rain on Saturday night and just sprinkles last night. Fortunately, the hail and wind went around us. Yes, Miss E is definitely sporting fancier footwear than me!

      Enjoy your summer break!

  2. Where are your boots? At our house, the Mrs. always has the best boots.

    1. I move faster in tennis shoes (though that is not saying much since I am not known for my speed)!