Monday, September 15, 2014

We Are Family

Cousin photos by Jillian Ladd
 With apologies to Sister Sledge ...

We are family,
I've got all my cousins with me.
We are family.
Get up everybody and sing.

Kinley and Brooke won't be lonely at gatherings on their Daddy's side of the family. They have built-in playmates.

Kinley is 1 month older than her cousin, Hannah, and they are best buddies. I shamelessly used Hannah to "turn a frown upside down" when Kinley woke up a little grumpy from a nap last week. A promise to see Hannah was an instantaneous mood brightener for Kinley.

Not to be left out, Brooke also has a cousin just her size. Hannah's brother, Henry, was born 6 weeks before Brooke. The day after Brooke was born, Hannah and Henry came to meet their newest cousin. (Oh yeah. They brought their parents, too, Eric's brother, Brian, and his wife, Jillian.)

After the two youngest were nestled together on the bed, the older girls were encouraged to "touch their baby." (Jillian got the best photo, which I shared above.)

If these two are as chatty as their older siblings, family reunions will be lively indeed.
The older two had their own bonding moment back in 2012, while Hannah was still in the hospital and Kinley came to visit. 
Kinley on the left and Hannah on the right.
Eric's parents get to witness the Kinley-Hannah interaction more than we do, but I enjoy every moment when I get to watch them together. 
It's so much fun to listen in on their toddler conversations and watch them giggle and play.
It's a reminder about how quickly time flies, too. Just about a year ago, they were flower girls for their Uncle Drew and Aunt Kate's wedding.
Look how much they've grown (along with their hair. See Mommies: We told you it would happen.)!

Then I look back even further, and see the two at Kinley's first birthday party ...
On the other side of the family, there's a baby boom, too. My parents will go from five great-grands last Christmas to eight this year. My sister, Lisa, goes from four to six grandchildren in a matter of a couple of months.  I tell my folks that by next year, we're going to have to move the gift opening at Christmas to the shed to have room for everyone!

It's a great "problem" to have.
Jill, Kinley & Brooke pose with Grandma and Grandpa Moore.
Family: A link to the past,
a bridge to the future.


  1. Oh this is a perfect post I love everything about it. The faces of everyone and those babies oh yes perfect in every way. Wonderful family pics. Hug B

  2. Babies, babies, babies! Wow! How precious they all are.

    1. Thanks, Cheri! We are adding another baby to the family this week with my niece's imminent delivery. Such a fun time!