Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kinley Reports on Halloween

Hello, all! It's Kinley Marie, here to tell you about a wonderful holiday called Halloween. My Mommy says I've celebrated it before, but I have to be honest: I really don't remember it.

This year, I helped decorate the pumpkins on the porch with stickers. I love stickers. Mommy was helping me get the faces in the right place, but then Uncle Brent said I should use my creative expression. So I did.

After we celebrated Grandpa's birthday, I helped Mommy make snack mix for my preschool class.  I had to do lots of counting to measure the cereal and pretzels. (We added Reece's Pieces, marshmallows and candy corn after it was baked. I liked the candy corn pumpkins the best, but it was all tasty! Grandma says she'll share the recipe another day.)

For Halloween, people get to dress up in costumes. Isn't that funny? Even though I don't really remember, Mommy says I was a cow for my first Halloween and I was an owl last year.

This year, my Mommy and Daddy asked me what I wanted to be. I decided to continue the animal theme. I was a cat. I knew that would make Grandpa Randy and Grandpa Christy really happy because they both like cats a lot!
But I wanted to add my own twist. I decided to be a Princess Kitty. I love princesses, too. Mommy made my tutu all by herself. In fact, she made it twice. The first time, she used glitter material. Daddy isn't a big fan of glitter, and it kinda got all over the house. The next time, she used plain pink and black tulle. My tutu was beautiful and just the thing that a Princess Kitty needs to be fashionable.

I guess Brooke wanted to be a pea pod. To each her own, I guess.

She also had her own Little Pumpkin outfit. Grandma took her picture before they came to preschool for my Halloween parade.
At school, we used our rings to go and visit some people who live in an apartment building nearby.
There were a lot of princesses in my class. I was glad I decided to be a Princess Kitty. We held onto our ring rope so we could all stay in line.
You wouldn't believe how much candy the people had for us. I had to say "Thank you!" a lot of times.
Brooke slept through the whole thing. She just didn't know what she was missing! She didn't get one piece of candy. I could share, but Mommy & Daddy said she doesn't like candy. How is that possible?
After I got home from preschool, my Mommy made a Cheeseburger Roll-Up look like a mummy. Good job on the mummy, Mommy! (Ha, I made a joke!)
Then, it was time to get ready to go trick or treating in my neighborhood. Mommy put on my whiskers. It was hard not to touch my nose, but I tried really hard.
Of course, we had to take pictures before we could go. I'd say, "Cheese! I'm done!" so that maybe they'd get the hint.
Daddy and Brooke stayed home with Grandpa so they could hand out candy to the kids. Mommy and Grandma went with me. It was hard to remember everything. I was supposed to say, "Trick or treat!" Then I had to say, "Thank you!" before we could leave.

There were a few houses where it was easier. They just had a bowl of candy out on the porch.
I liked visiting my friends. But there was one house where I decided to stay away. The candy wasn't worth encountering the scary guy in the mask who was guarding the treats.
I liked choosing candy and putting it in my pumpkin bucket!
But it was cold, and it was time to go back home. I liked watching for the other kids to come to our door. I gave them candy ... unless they had on scary masks.
Then I hid and had Grandpa do the work.
I might have had a piece of candy or two while I waited.

What a great holiday!

Until next time,
Kinley Marie

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