Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Party Fit for a Princess

It was a party fit for a princess.
Kinley turned 3 years old on December 30, but we didn't get to celebrate with her until last weekend. For Kinley's 1st and 2nd birthdays, Mommy picked the theme. This time, Kinley channeled her love of "Frozen" and all things princess. It doesn't hurt that "Frozen" seems to be down every aisle of every store.

As I said in my Christmas letter, my son-in-law has had to "Let It Go" that their home will be a princess-free zone. (When they were expecting Kinley, we were told no outfits that said "Daddy's or Mommy's Princess." We still don't buy those shirts, but it doesn't keep "princesses" from the Ladd Castle.)
Kinley picked out the napkins and the decorations. Then she helped Mommy decorate the homemade cupcakes for both her preschool and her family party. Grandma made some snowflake cookies. Jill also made some hot chocolate cookies and decorated them with snowflake sprinkles.
Jill made tags for the food that went along with the theme. The baby carrots were Olaf noses. There was Elsa's Snow Dip, Reindeer Salad, Troll's Tossed Salad, Magical Fruit Wands, among the cute labels!
Kinley got a bike fit for a princess, though it will probably be better to ditch the princess dress before attempting to ride it for real. There's even a royal carriage basket to transport a dolly.
We got her a dollhouse. It was such fun to listen to her make-believe conversations while having the dolls do everything from dance at a wedding, to going to bed, to going to the potty (on a toilet that actually makes a flushing sound!
Kinley and her cousin, Hannah, spent time in the owl tent that Grandma and Grandpa Ladd gave her. I see camping in their future (their future - not mine)!
Listening in on the conversations and giggles between Kinley and Hannah, who is just a month younger, is another fringe benefit of the birthday festivities.
She got a boatload of other presents, too, including the costumes and accessories the two young models are wearing. (Grandma neglected to record all the gifts in photos for posterity.)
Grandpa Randy did a magic trick before we all sang "Happy Birthday" (TWICE), and Kinley blew out her candles.
Brooke did not sing or blow. But just wait until next year.
All in all, it was a lovely day at the Ladd Palace.
Kinley and Hannah weren't the only princesses.
She may not sing or blow out candles, we did give Princess Brooke some pretty wings, even though Kinley thought she was too little. (It probably won't be the last time Brooke hears that either!)
Brooke supplied her own rattle wand for the occasion and seemed to like the wings just fine. 


  1. A party fit for a princess! Gorgeous photos!

    1. Thanks, Lynda. We had a great time celebrating!

  2. Looks like Kinley scored big time on her birthday! And little Brooke has the most precious smile...great photos.

    1. Yes, she has plenty of people who love her, which is a good thing. Brooke changes every time we see her. The first year is such an evolution - pretty amazing, when you think about it. We sure enjoy them both.

  3. Looks like Princesses (plural?) rule in that household---as they should. I had 4 girls although they were mostly dirt hill tomboys but always 'Daddy's little Girls".

    1. We'll see whether the princess bug bites Brooke, too. Time will tell!

  4. Wow!! Really she is looking like a princess. Her dress is so beautiful. I loved the theme of the party. Hey you hired any party planner for planning this themed party dear? I just loved the way Kinley helped her mommy in decorating handmade cupcakes.