Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Basket

This bee didn't need a May basket to appreciate the flowers of spring.

Today is May Day. For some, May 1 brings an opportunity for a springtime tradition. Back when Jill & Brent were little, we made May baskets and delivered them to neighbors. We would make cone baskets from construction paper or use the green plastic baskets that strawberries were boxed in at the grocery store. Then we'd fill the baskets with whatever flowers were blooming on May 1. If you want to get really fancy, you can include a homemade treat.

This spring, the lilacs were ahead of schedule. Back on April 14, my brother-in-law posted on Facebook that he wasn't sure what he could put in his May baskets since the lilacs were already blooming. I am still trying to envision May baskets as a Kyle activity (but I guess we were all young once!)

Traditionally, the basket giver hangs the basket from the recipient's doorknob. Then they ring the doorbell and hide in a spot where they can watch the recipient's reaction. I suppose I took photos of the event (since my children's lives were well-documented in photos), but I have no idea where they are among the plastic tubs full of memories.

So, I will instead enjoy the bees enjoying the lilacs.

I think I still have a few lilac blooms that the Kansas wind didn't totally destroy during the past couple of days. If I include a little spirea, maybe that will fill up the basket.

(Note the shadow of the wings on the green leaf. I love getting on the computer and discovering those things you didn't see in person!)

Happy May Day!


  1. I definitely remember going to Grandpa and Grandma Fritzemeier's and then hiding....very fun! Thanks for taking us!

  2. Such fun! That basket in the last photo is just beautiful!

  3. My May Day basket Was Kim sorting cattle,with me, The best present ever.

  4. I like the basket picture and the wings are neat too