Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Power of Thank You

They are two little words. You can count the letters without even using your toes to help your fingers out. But they are oh so powerful.


I was again reminded of the power of "Thank You" when I opened my mailbox recently. It looked like a regular old manilla envelope. But when we opened the flap, we found a rainbow of colors and carefully penciled words.

A cover letter read:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Fritzemeier,

Thank you so much for being a part of the 4th grade Farm Ag Day! The kids left with a wealth of information and some even chose new future careers. We appreciate you preparing meaningful lessons for our students. We have been working diligently during our writing class each week to explain our favorite parts of the day. As the kids illustrated and wrote, they enjoyed the information presented, especially when they had hands-on or visual examples. Thank you again for assisting us in teaching these students about agriculture in our area!


Ms. Tina Landon, Mrs. Kendra Ploutz and Mrs. Laura Vague

Included were 10 handwritten and illustrated notes, some in cursive and some in block letters. Each thanked us for taking the time to make a presentation at Ellsworth County's Ag Day in September. They mentioned everything from Antarctica to tasting the wheat kernels.

They obviously listened to us, even when we didn't have a cute baby calf or a dairy cow that needed milking (though we did have a bushel of wheat they loved getting their hands in.)

Each note made this farm couple smile.

I was amused by this one. It had some erasures underneath, right after it talked about a station where they played with "goop." I have to wonder if the author really liked the goop station better. But she drew a colorful photo that truly illustrated the day, complete with a few raindrops and our most popular attraction.

There is power in THANK YOU ... especially when it comes fully illustrated in crayon and painstakingly-formed letters.

A random note: One of the teachers, Tina Landon, was our daughter's teacher at Stafford. She was the reason all the little girls wanted to become teachers at the time. One of Jill's classmates now teaches at Ellsworth with Ms. Landon. It is indeed a small world.

(Even though I only scanned 4 of the 10 notes, we loved each one of them. Click on the notes so you can read the text.)


  1. What a fun surprise to get in the mail! I agree, a hand written or colored Thank You is priceless.


  2. One year after the pumpkin patch was over I was suprised by a big envelope as well, it was so nice, came from a Christian School in Lawton, OK..Very cool!! Mary Jahn

  3. My mom was right: Thank yous are important!