Monday, July 11, 2016

The Cat's Meow

The farmyard youngsters are growing up. With my own kids, that meant regularly-scheduled trips to the Sears portrait studio to document the milestones on the calendar.
So I figured it was time to take a few shots of our furry babies on the farm - minus the trip to Sears.
During the hot days of summer, the kittens like to play underneath the old windmill tower in the yard.
The trumpet vine keeps them out of the sun and gives them plenty of places to hide and play.
"Hey! Get out of the bowl, Blackie. That lady might have scraps," the older and wiser cats seemed to say.
No, that was just a camera in the lady's hand after all.

The little yellow kitty needs to become more assertive, it appears.

If you're in need of kittens, we could probably be your supplier in a few weeks. I would have to consult with the resident Cat Whisperer to see which ones he's willing to part with.
I know Cozy isn't available. Our Topeka-based cat aficionado isn't willing to part with Cozy. And, as always, Big Cat is off the table. 
Kinley and Brooke were here for the weekend. Kinley always enjoys getting reacquainted with Cozy.
 Both the girls liked meeting the newest inhabitants at the County Line.