Thursday, November 2, 2017

A Halloween Migration

We made a flying trip to Manhattan to catch the Halloween migration of a couple of the rarest, most beautiful butterflies. The inhabitant of the house above seemed just as awestruck by their dazzling wings and glittery bodies as I was.

Migrating butterflies are often faced with obstacles. But a little snow and chilly temperatures didn't keep them from flying from house to house in the neighborhood.
They did have to revert to their warm cocoons before venturing out on their adventure. 
(A couple of years ago, Kinley was a Kitty Princess. I guess this year, their kitty winter hats made them Kitty Butterflies.)

Grandpa and I were given a glimpse of their unwrapped beauty.
This photo was taken before Brooke realized she was going to have to wear a coat with her beautiful dress. She wasn't all smiles when she had to dress in layers. A little candy helped cure the cocoon blues!
While their beautiful blue eyes don't need any enhancement in their grandparents' eyes, a little glitter never hurts (until it's time to peel the stickers off the face ... then it hurts a little.)
Brooke offered a little supervision to Mommy ...
... before getting her own beautiful transformation.

They had a wonderful time flitting from one house to another, ...
... But butterflies prefer the warmth. Once they had enough nectar gathered for the journey back home, they were happy to pass out treats to the ghosts and goblins who stopped by. Grandpa and Uncle Brent filled in on candy duty while the butterflies were traveling the neighborhood.

For Grandma and Grandpa, it was a short trip. But it was worth every mile in the car!

Today, we start another migration of sorts. We will start bringing pairs home from summer pasture.


  1. How wonderful that you got to share this special night for your Granddaughters.

    1. Yes, it was worth every minute in the car, even when we were only able to stay overnight!