Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Cover Girl(s) and Boys

Live from the farm ... It's another edition of Bovine Top Model.

"Are you getting my good side?"
"Is the light hitting my face just right?"
 "Aren't I adorable? And this is all natural!"

Repeated trips to the pasture may cause middle-aged (old?) farm wives to develop imaginary  conversations more frequently attributed to their preschool-aged granddaughters.
And while the calves seem ready for their close-ups (in Cecil B. DeMille fashion), the mothers are much less welcoming.
"Why are you looking at my baby?" the mama of a just-born calf seems to communicate through her eyes before turning away to do more important things, like cleaning off her progeny.
"Move along. Nothing to see here!"
"Really, do you mind? Let him eat in peace!"

I think Randy likes it when I go with him on evening cattle checks ... as long as he's not in a hurry.

I'm sure it takes twice as long when I'm hopping out of the pickup ... or I'm asking him to back up, just a little bit. 
One day last week, I thought it looked like one mama cow should have been getting extra pay as she seemed to be conducting a baby calf day care center.

Another mother had a more modest day care goal - just two calves gathered at her feet.
Sometimes, it seems they really do need someone to keep them out of trouble.
 Farmer Randy comes to the rescue of baby and mama and gets the baby unstuck.
And off they walk into the sunset (or at least, into golden hour).
The imaginary stories will continue for awhile, though we are more than halfway done with the calving season.
The end.
Who am I kidding?
It's not the end ... or the end of the faces.


  1. So glad it is not the end. Just love the pics and commentary!

    1. Thanks, Helen. This is a favorite time of the year on the farm.

  2. Oh Kim, excellent post. Love the header baby

    1. I seem to favor the ones with the interesting faces!