Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Song That Nature Sings

On Palm Sunday, a foreign exchange student who's attending school at Stafford High School sang a song at a community worship service. Even though I accompanied soloists at the middle school for many years, it wasn't a song I'd heard before. But I loved it and have listened to several versions on YouTube since that night. Here is "The Song That Nature Sings," with photos I've taken this spring around The County Line.

"The Song That Nature Sings"
Words and music by Ruth Elaine Schram
Copyright 1997 BriLee Music Publishing Co.

In everything there is beauty
A hint of love
A form of grace
Though it may be hard to see
Even harder to believe
Everything in nature has its place.

And in everything, there is wonder
A mystery to be undone
New discoveries to find
Simple pleasures redesigned
All things old and new beneath the sun.
Have you ever chased the wind
Can you tell where it will go or where it's been?
If you could see the earth through its eyes
Do you think that it would come as a surprise
That in everything there is music
A melody, a bit of song

Though it may not meet your ear
If you tune your heart to hear
You will recognize and sing along
The song that nature sings.
The song that nature sings.

Here's one version of the song. There are others on YouTube.


  1. I can truely empathize with these words and your choice of photos is perfect. What a wonderful choir.