Friday, May 11, 2018

Fishing Trip or Business Trip?

I bought fish coating mix before we went fishing. That could have been why we didn't catch a thing.
Or maybe our onlookers were too loud. No, I don't think that was it. 
They were curious and they may have done a little moo-ing, but they were really more interested in eating.
Maybe the fish were scared away by the bathing beauties.
No, I don't think that was it either. Not many of them chose to get their feet wet that day.
Maybe we didn't catch any fish on our trip to the Ninnescah pasture.
But we can't complain.
It was still a beautiful day.
An inch of much-welcomed rain had the water rushing over the dam.
There was a little breeze to keep us cool enough under a bright sun-filled day.
And even though I didn't catch any fish, I caught a little time sitting in a lawn chair, reading a book.
I got to spend some time with this guy.
It was a work trip .... really. We found the bulls.
The calves looked bigger already since their April 24 arrival at the Ninnescah, and their mamas looked in fine form, too.
Yes, it was a work trip. But it might have been a pleasure trip, too.
Just look at that view. 
We've been moving cattle for the past few weeks. On Monday, we moved the final group to the Rattlesnake pasture. 
The Monday move was the final piece of the puzzle, getting all the cows, calves and bulls to pasture for the summer. 
We never move cattle to the Rattlesnake before May 1. Randy now owns it with his cousin, Don, but the gentlemen's agreement has been in the family for years. This year, we didn't move the cattle until May 7 to give the grass more time to grow after little moisture during the winter and a chilly April.
After the move, the guys got the trailers cleaned out. (I opt out of that job.) The feed truck has been put back in the shed. And the cattle are settling in at their summer vacation spots. Let's hope they eat with just as much fervor as humans at a cruise buffet line.
"Paint" treatment from my camera - After you've taken hundreds of cattle photos, you might look for something new.
Au revior to our bovine friends until our next fishing trip or summer 4-wheeler "dates" to the pastures!

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