Thursday, July 5, 2018

Independence Day

Independence Day came a day early for some feathered guests.

This year, a pair of barn swallows chose an unused porch on the south side of our house for their nest-building site.
I don't know whether they liked it better or not, but I've liked their new southerly address this year.
Last year, they took up residence at our back door, the one we go in and out of several times a day. They were the epitome of messy house guests, leaving their "calling cards" all over our back steps.

Out of sight, out of mind this year.
I'd see the parent swallows hanging out on the same backyard wire. But they weren't dive bombing me as I used the door.

Randy told me the birds were about to outgrow the nest, so I decided to venture closer for a photo op the evening of July 3rd. If you look closely, I think you can see five. I got one photo snapped before they flew the coop -literally.
Independence Day came a day early. And, no, I did not get video of them flying away. Randy, who was swathing hay at the time, asked if I'd captured their departure. I'm not that quick. With a rush of wings, they were gone. I couldn't even see where they'd flown. Sorry Mama and Papa Barn Swallow. I didn't intend to give your babies a push out of the nest.

Their sudden departure made my heart beat a little faster - kind of like a surprise boom tossed into a colorful show of aerial fireworks. That's as close as we got to real fireworks this year. We watched the New York City and Washington, D.C., shows on television so Randy could be up early today to rake hay.
But, let's not hang that "Vacancy" sign out quite yet. Last evening at dusk, Randy noticed that a barn swallow was hanging out at the nest. We're not sure whether it was one of the parents, wanting to know where their babies had gone? But we think it was a juvenile ... kind of like that college student who wants to be independent but still likes mama's home-cooked meals and laundry service.

It wasn't there this morning, so we'll see if it's time to send in the housekeeping crew and get the "bird motel" cleaned up for good. 


  1. So special to watch them grow. I guess they chose not to be disturbed as much this year.

    1. It was definitely a better location for us, so it was a win-win!