Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Golden Birthday Girl

This girl celebrates her golden birthday today: She is 4 on the 4th!
We celebrated with a unicorn party on Saturday.
I think her Mommy could add "cake decorator" to her list of careers, but she already has plenty of jobs, so we'll just call it a labor of love for a special 4 year old! It was so cute and just as tasty. Brooke requested a white cake with strawberries in the middle. (Jill was thinking a funfetti cake would go perfectly with the theme, but that was the birthday girl's request. I guess that's what Mommy gets for watching baking shows on TV with the girls ... a more exotic flavor choice)!
I was amused by the attempt to get all seven cousins in a photo to commemorate the occasion. This is about as good as it got!
I remember last year when the birthday girl didn't want to pose for photos at all. She's done some growing up this past year.
The rest of us did our best to smile on cue.
Grandpa, Brooke and Grandma

Jill and Brooke

Here she is opening one of her gifts from us. I like making books telling of the girls' adventures with Grandma and Grandpa. I always say they won't be getting a quilt from me, but, hopefully, the photo books will remind them of our fun together. And, it's also a fitting gift since reading together is one of our favorite activities to do.
 I used the photos and rhymes from the blog post I wrote after her July visit.
We are blessed to have these little people (and a bunch of big people from both sides of the family) in our lives! There were parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, all there to celebrate a special day. Here's to an amazing year, journeying toward Year 5!

Happy Golden Birthday to a very special girl! 


  1. Looks like a fabulous party! The cake is great!!

    1. Jill did a super job with it! Brooke definitely had expectations as to how it would look.

  2. This delightful 4 year old has a wonderful Grandmother. A special party with such a gorgeous cake. I too remembered the 'try to get pic' from last year.

    Our Ben turns 1 in a month and I've been wondering about photo story books for him, about his Aussie relatives and all things Aussie. I need a dose of your creativity.

    1. With all your photos, you're halfway there. The first book I did was before Kinley was born. I did a farm ABC book. It didn't have rhymes. I just came up with photos for each letter of the alphabet. That could be a place to start for you.

  3. His 1st birthday present [in a month] is a sewn alphabet book. Perhaps I will make a photo book of his achievements in his 1st year. Another could be of where Granny lives. Perhaps I can cope with short captions.

    1. You can do it! It's really kind of fun to think of the possibilities.