Thursday, November 14, 2019

I've Been Enlisted

I've been enlisted. No, not into military service. But I have been enlisted to drive the feed truck this winter. In its former life, our feed truck was an Army truck. We purchased the 1991 5-ton, 6-wheel drive Army truck and had the Kelly Ryan feed wagon box added to the back in 2014.
C. Melvin Fritzemeier, 10th Infantry Division, U.S. Army
Since Randy's Dad drove an Army truck in the Korean War, there's a bit of nostalgia there, too.

It still has its Army number emblazoned on the driver's side door. That first step is a doozy. So I use my handy-dandy ladder to get into the truck.
 Once inside, it looks a little like mission control. 
 With the gap between the windows and the frame, it's kind of a cold ride on nippy mornings! Randy "says" there is a heater. There may be a blower, but I'm not convinced it's heating anything.
Every morning, Randy uses the loader tractor to scoop out silage from the trench silo. The silage crop was rather small this year, so the silo isn't nearly as full as it sometimes is.
It takes several scoops to get enough silage to feed the cows and the calves.
Once I get a thumbs up, it's time to get the truck turned around and headed back to the corrals.
It's kind of a tight squeeze. My least favorite part of the trip is pulling in and out of the drive and the narrow gate.

To make sure I don't end up in Peace Creek, I have to pull into a driveway past the actual entrance into the pasture, back up and then come in from the north. I make my exit in the same convoluted way.
There are no guard rails on that wooden bridge.
Once I make the trek back to the farmstead, Randy augers some grain in the truck while I follow voice commands. (I turn off the blower first so I can hear him. It doesn't seem to make much difference in the temperature in the cab anyway.)

Then I become fence opener for our neighborhood Meals on Wheels delivery.
I like the warmer days ...
... better than the frigidly cold days. 
It doesn't seem to affect our diners much. They like the meal plan - no matter the weather.
Come to think of it, the cab of the truck is warmer than the outside temperature most days.
However, until the calves get moved to a larger lot, there's a lot of maneuvering involved. So gate duty it is!


  1. I saw a post on instagram yesterday from a farm wife who was basically made to feel rather stupid for calling herself a farm wife. The person who commented negatively, certainly had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA just how vital the role of farm wife is! You're awesome, and a valuable part of your farm life. I know that you know that, but don't ever forget it! :) :) Way to master that truck!

    1. It's always great to hear an affirmation! Thanks, Helen!

  2. That lovely comment was from Alicia, Kim but I totally agree. I was going to write 'Jill [Jack] of all trades. I can't imagine driving this vehicle at all and then manoeuvreing through gates etc. I just love the recipients of your Meals on Wheels delivery.

    1. Obviously, my haste got the better of me. Thanks to both Helen and Alicia for being faithful commenters. It means a lot!