Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The Wanderer's Billfold


Adventures await!

And we're ready for them. Our good friends, Jim and Betty Sellers, gave us a unique, hand-crafted gift for our retirement. They didn't take heed of the "No gifts please" for our reception. And while their presence - and that of our other friends and family - would have definitely sufficed, the one-of-a-kind gift will soon get its inaugural use.

We plan a trip to several U.S. National Parks this fall. Going along for the ride will be our Wanderer's Billfold, handcrafted by Jim. 

The note inside reads (just in case you have trouble seeing it in the photo):


Inspired by Betty's grandfather's 1900 billfold. He sold his business in Illinois to WANDER to the Nebraska Sandhills and the Pelican Lake Ranch. 

He and another Sandhill's rancher established a WANDERING service to take educational materials to isolated-room schools located on ranches throughout the Sandhills - and the beginning of the Nebraska Rural Bookmobiles.

The 1800s style floral carving is from Jim's 1895 R.T. Frazier saddle. Originally belonging to a WANDERING Scotsman who ran a ferry and livery on the Green River between the modern Flaming Gorge Dam and Dinosaur National Monument.

Mr. Jarvie's client and customers included other area ranchers and WANDERERS of the West - itinerant cowboys - even the Wild Bunch. Who knows where this saddle WANDERED!

BEST WISHES on your retirement!

Have Fun!
Be Inspired!
Wander Wide!
Wander Well!
The note about the Nebraska Sandhills made me think about a trip we took through that area in 2010.
Nebraska Sandhills - 2010 trip

I could just imagine Betty's grandfather traversing the miles between those isolated ranches, carting books and other educational materials. (That book toting makes him sound like my kind of guy!)

This one was taken at the Prairie Club Golf Course near Valentine, Nebraska, but it still shows the terrain.
Also The Prairie Club Golf Course - 2010
Taken near Valentine, Nebraska, September 2020
Jim and Betty also included brochures in the pockets of the billfold. We may not get to those destinations this time, but we'll be ready if the time comes!

Stay tuned! I'll be taking a vacation from blog posts for awhile. I may post some photos to my Facebook page. If you're not currently my FB friend, please ask to be. I can be found at Kim Moore Fritzemeier on Facebook.


  1. Oh no! I will miss you so much. Your National Parks are amazing! Have the very best time and I will check out Facebook.

  2. As it turned out, I decided not to do Facebook posts. I've always heard it's not good to let people know specifics about when you're gone. We are now home, and I'll soon begin working on some posts. I took so many photos that it's kind of overwhelming! I'll get back in the swing of things soon.