Thursday, January 12, 2023

Leftovers from the Camera Roll


I think leftovers get a bad reputation. I, for one, like leftovers. It means that dinner is ready in no time. 

Leftovers are also good on the camera roll, especially when you are contemplating what to write for a blog post. On December 21, our area was blanketed with heavy fog. Unfortunately for drivers, the moisture turned some roadways and overpasses into a skating rink. But it was a bonanza for amateur photographers like me.

Randy and I braved the dropping temperatures to capture the beauty. However, that was the same day Jill and family arrived a day early for the Christmas holidays - again, thanks to the worsening weather. So the snapshots never made it into a blog post or even onto a "What's on your mind?" post on Facebook.

They were too pretty just to gather figurative dust on the camera roll until I'm looking for photos for my 2024 family/farm calendar.

Thankfully, our electric lines stayed up and the electric fence kept the cattle corralled. 


Since Jill and company got here safely, I can still appreciate the beauty of that cold afternoon.

December's wintry breath is already clouding the pond, frosting the pane, obscuring summer's memory.
John Geddes A Familiar Rain
Feathered with hoar frost, skeletal trees loom closer; fog shrouded arches.
Paul Brown


On Monday and Tuesday, Randy and I had our first two trips to the Stafford County Golf Course in 2023. It was unseasonably warm for January.


He got to use his new driver - a Christmas present from me - topped off with the new cover from Brent and Susan. Go 'Cats! (Brent worked at Morehead State in his first job out of grad school. The sweatshirt is still in the wardrobe. We were Morehead Eagles "on the side" for awhile.)

As is our custom, he golfed. I read my book. (I laughed out loud several times, but I promise I didn't mess up my golfer's drives or putting with my mirth.)

It was unseasonably warm on Monday and Tuesday. Then, on Wednesday into this morning, we were supposed to get a little snow overnight. It didn't happen here, but it is definitely cold, windy and overcast.

Winter weather in Kansas is schizophrenic!