Tuesday, June 20, 2023

A Trip to the Fishing Hole


"Your chariot awaits."

Cinderella may have had a pumpkin-shaped coach and a fancy new dress for her outing. I get a loud John Deere Gator and old blue jeans on the way to a fishing hole.

Rain in June finally had the water in the Ninnescah River pasture flowing. This old Cinderella and her Prince much prefer nature's paintings over a fancy crowded ballroom anyway.

We didn't catch a thing - other than a feast for the eyes.

The rain had refreshed the pasture landscape to a verdant green.

Many years ago, hunters created a dam at the Ninnescah, and the spillway always fascinates me. I duck-walked on the rounded pipe that forms a bridge, holding on to the railing. Rushing water gave a feeling of vertigo, but I snapped a few photos before carefully making my way back. No old ladies were harmed in the snapping of this photo.

However, I preferred being back on solid ground where I could enjoy the sights and sounds without fear of falling in!

I did put a line in for awhile.

Patience is not my virtue. I ended up wandering around taking photos instead, leaving Randy to keep trying his luck. 

He had some nibbles, but no catfish dinner for us that day!

I did have some success in the beauty department, though.

These may be pretty yellow flowers, but I don't like the "stickers" attached.

These itty-bitty blue flowers - erect day flowers - are some of my pasture favorites. 

Even Randy was ready to pack up the fishing gear after awhile. But we still enjoyed a Gator ride through the pasture.

It was the very definition of "pastoral."

Even though we aren't the "official" cattle checking crew, we still had to drive through them. 

 It appeared they were enjoying their summer vacation spot.

 Cattle are curious creatures.

We made our usual stop at the bridge, too. It was nice to see some water flowing.

That was a Saturday morning well spent! I came home and made something other than fish for lunch. And that was OK, too.


  1. So beautiful and peaceful and what is best is that it is in your own backyard!😎

    1. From Peggy Volker!

    2. It is beautiful after the rain. I've sure enjoyed your photos from the National Parks. We thought we were doing good to get to six last fall and are amazed at the 12 you explored. Thanks for sharing your journeys with us via Facebook! Keep 'em coming!

  2. When I came back Memorial Day weekend, I made a quick trip to the pasture. There was a mother duck and her babies just below the bridge. Sat there and watched them. It was a peaceful, quiet, special moment watching nature at its best.

    1. Bonus to get to watch a duck family! It truly is a special place!

  3. Nature is amazing at recovering from drought, isn't it? A perfect outing in the 'carriage'. Just lovely to drive through the cows feeding. A cool June?

    1. For the most part, it has been cooler than normal. It appears that temperatures are going to ramp up next week.