Tuesday, June 18, 2024

AirBnB: No Vacancy

I'm sorry. We're not taking extra guests at the backyard AirBnB Outhouse Suite. It has reached full occupancy.

These guests are loud, too. They put up a constant racket. 

It's a wonder we haven't gotten noise complaints from other travelers.

We didn't advertise it as providing breakfast, but the visitors are sure asking for a meal handout. They look kind of angry when dinner is late.

We're not sure whether there were three or four bodies squeezed into the accommodations. The peep hole is a little too small to tell.

We believe our visitors are house wrens. This is the second summer they've taken a vacation stay on the County Line. I think we're going to have to do some renovations or remodeling before next year's visitors arrive. The accommodations are looking a little worse for the wear. You have to watch out for those rambunctious AirBnB guests.

The house wren is a very small bird of the wren family, Troglodytidae. It's the most widely distributed native bird in the Americas. Its name means "hole dweller" and is is a reference to the bird's tendency to disappear into crevices when hunting insects or to seek shelter.

I guess the parents were off trying to scrounge up a meal. They didn't dive-bomb us as we were eavesdropping and taking unsolicited photos of their family.

They aren't the only backyard visitors. Our Baltimore orioles are back. Randy is keeping them happy with cheap grape jelly in a high-class container made from a 2-liter pop bottle.

Who wouldn't want to check in to our backyard accommodations? They are pretty economically priced (unlike most vacation spots these days). 



  1. Oh, the joy of hosting an Avian AirBnB!

    1. We enjoy the birds around our farm. We have lots of trees.