Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Double or Nothing

Double or nothing: I'm not much of a gambler. On second thought, maybe being a farmer's wife makes me one by association.

It remains to be seen whether our attempts to double-crop milo and sudan will pay off later this summer. Glancing at the field behind our house, it doesn't look like much more than a few stalks of wheat left behind during wheat harvest 2012.

But a closer look reveals some little green milo plants breaking through the wheat stubble residue. During the past couple of weeks, we've had 2.75" of rain, which has given the newly-planted crop a boost and has been a welcome change from last year's severe drought.

We'll see how the milo fares after several days of 100-degree-plus temperatures and no rain in the forecast this week. We're praying that this vivid reminder of last year's summer of record-busting, century-mark temperatures is just a memory - not a preview of things to come again this summer.

Double or nothing? It's not just a bet in Las Vegas.

An update: I saw a couple of friends/family members post this video to Facebook today and just had to add it to my blog so you'd have to chance to watch it, too. I don't know the Peterson Brothers, but I'm a fan! These Kansas farmers rock ... or rap! Enjoy!

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