Friday, October 4, 2013

A Hint of Fall

The leaves are tenaciously hanging onto their summer green here in South Central Kansas. But change is coming. I see it in the glint of gold, peeking out of the canopy of cottonwoods down a dirt road.
I see it in fog-drenched sunrises, a gift on a morning when I follow a seed wheat truck to the next field. 
I see it dawning through a dirty windshield, far from my country roads, as we went to a wedding last weekend.
(This doesn't fit the photographer's manual on the Rule of Thirds since the elevator is smack dab in the middle of the photo. But I decided I didn't want to crop out any of that beautiful sky!)
A faithful sentinel witnesses the march toward autumn. Since 1915, nearly a century, the elevator at Rayl's Hill has provided a backdrop for all seasons.

Like a model on a runway, ahead of the fashion curve, the cottonwood at the end of our driveway is wearing this season's colors.
The sun is setting on summer.
Welcome fall.

(If you're in the Stafford vicinity, you are cordially invited to Stafford's 24th annual Oktoberfest on Saturday, October 5. Start the day with a walk or run at 8 AM to benefit the Stafford Education Foundation. There are downtown arts and crafts and food vendors from 9 to 4, a 10:30 AM parade, a book sale at the Stafford United Methodist Church from 9 to 4 and free entertainment on a stage at Main and Broadway, beginning at noon. Wiener Dog Races begin at 3 PM. Yep, more than 60 wiener dogs are already registered. We'd love to have you!)


  1. Beautiful colors! Autumn is such a pretty time to take pics. The sun casts such a glorious light on everything.
    We wont be in Kansas in October. But our steer calves will be there at the end of October. Gettin' fat! :)

    1. Well, if you'd come along, you could see me! (Still, glad to hear you're doing business here!) Have a wonderful weekend!