Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Making Memories

Kinley - Fall 2013
Memories tumbled down faster than the autumn leaves last week. We picked up Kinley in Manhattan on the evening of October 21 and delivered her back to Topeka after the K-State ballgame last Saturday.

Toddlers are busy. We crammed a lot of living into the five days we had Kinley here on the County Line. But, just in case you're counting, I am about 23 years older than I was the last time I had a toddler around here. It's taking me a bit of readjusting to return to life without a little helper.

Kinley is her own little person. But I guess it's just natural that I see some of Jill in her. I wanted to recreate a photo I'd taken of Jill when she was close to Kinley's age. My current model didn't want to sit. (And I didn't really want her to, since we were dressed for the K-State game.) The vine on the house is no longer as lush as it was back in 1987.
Jill - Fall 1987
But I still see some similarities between mother and daughter - 26 years later. Family and our very DNA are as entangled as that vine that clings to our house.
And I'm thankful.
More to come from Kinley's adventures on the farm!

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