Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Super Woman AKA Farm Wife

On Monday ...
And that was all by 7:30 AM. 
  • I then made two trips to Miller Seed Farms to pick up seed wheat (25 miles one way X 4).
  • I backed up the pickup to the drill several times so Randy could put seed wheat where he needed it. 
  • I turned three pounds of hamburger into three meals - Hawaiian meatballs and mini Italian meatballs for meals later in the week, along with the meat loaf I served with baked potatoes and baked beans for the noon meal. 
  • I went to Zenith to get the fertilizer tank filled and put diesel in the 100-gallon tank on the back of the pickup.
  • I downloaded photos from the Friday night football game, Oktoberfest and a busy morning. 
That's what happened by 12:30. I thought I needed a Superwoman cape! But I settled for a selfie by the Full Service sign at the gas pumps.

And then came Tuesday ... and I felt nothing like a Super Hero. So, instead of dwelling on that, let's remember the triumphs. OK?

I got to Miller Seed Farms at my designated time.
But, in truth, the guys loading the seed probably deserved the super hero cape designation anyway.

 While I stood around taking photos, they were loading seed into the back of my pickup. 
I got the seed delivered back to Randy.
And he was the one whose muscles were sore at the end of the day from lifting all those sacks and filling the drill with seed wheat.
Let's hope the seed is the real super hero and delivers quality seed for us to use for our 2018 crop. (It's kind of mind-boggling to think that we're thinking about a harvest two years down the line as we plant the certified seed that will be harvested in June 2017!)
I'm not the one loading the seed. I'm not the one putting the wheat in the ground. But, I like to think I make it a little easier to get the job done - whether that means getting fertilizer, filling the 100-gallon diesel tank, making parts runs, taking meals to the field or helping shuffle people and equipment from one field to another.

And you know what? If super heroes lose their super powers, they come crashing down. So maybe it's better just to realize you're just one cog in the wheel.
Hey ... today is another day. And, I'm off to get another tank of fertilizer.


  1. Randy is not paying you enough! But I guess this is hardly the time to go on strike. Good luck with planting your wheat!

    1. I told the co-op guys I was worth every penny I get paid - ha! Thanks! We are still plugging away.

  2. Us farm women can fit a lot in our days, multitasking along the way. You are doing an awesome job!

    I just looked up to see if I could hear you on your radio program - and yes I can. Live!! ... that is if I want to get up at 4am!

    1. Wow! Now that is what I call a friend! (I don't think it's worth getting up at 4 AM, but thanks for the effort!)