Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh My! Pie!

Pie isn't exactly known for its health benefits. Of course, there sometimes is fruit involved. (Minor detail: The fruit is usually doused in sugar.)

So what could make pie even more nutritionally challenged? How about frying it?

It's not even state fair time yet, but we found the mecca for fried pies on our weekend trip to Oklahoma.

We went to Oklahoma City for a wedding on Saturday. But we were able to leave a day early for an extra day of fun in the sun. At Exit 51, 75 miles south of Oklahoma City, we stopped for ice before heading to Turner Falls (more on that tomorrow.)

With the giant old Sinclair dinosaur on top of the building, we just figured it was like any old convenience store, cozying up to a tourist attraction.

While gas, pop and ice were definitely big sellers, they couldn't hold a candle to the real attraction at Exit 51 - fried pies.

We avoided temptation before going to Turner Falls. But Randy couldn't resist stopping there again as we headed back to Oklahoma City.

Arbuckle Mountain Pies makes and sells 2,900 fried pies a day. That's more pies than the population of Davis, Oklahoma, the closest town (Population 2,665).

They sell pies for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have the flavors to attract customers at any time of the day.

We bought a peach pie and shared it like we usually share desserts: I ate 1/4 of it and Randy ate 3/4.

Nancy, the Fried Pie Lady, uses her grandmother's secret recipe for the sweet treats. The recipe has been in the family since 1893, when Nancy's grandma made pies for cowboys caring for cattle during a cold Oklahoma winter.

More than cowboys like the pies now. People were literally carrying boxes of pies out the door. They are cheaper by the dozen, you know. (And, no, we didn't test that theory!)

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