Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To Be a Kid Again

Lurking somewhere beneath a 54-year-old exterior is a little boy just itching to play. Randy got his chance last Friday at Turner Falls, 75 miles south of Oklahoma City.

We went to Oklahoma for a wedding on Saturday but left a day early for a mini vacation. Randy & Brent had visited Turner Falls on a father-son trip several years ago.

Randy said he thought I'd enjoy photographing the falls. But I think there was an ulterior motive hidden somewhere there.

Randy was ready to dive into some summer fun.

Look at that form!

Or, he could slide into some summer fun.

For the record, the TV weathermen informed us that Friday was the hottest day of 2010 in Oklahoma. As the person who was not in the water, I will concur.

The area with the diving board and slide was called The Blue Lagoon. (We decided that was more appealing than the Green Lagoon, which would probably have been more accurate.)

Turner Falls Park is nestled in the Arbuckle Mountains. (Again, probably a more accurate depiction would be the Arbuckle Hills, but as a fellow flatlander, I can understand the sentiment.)

Turner Falls Park is the oldest park in Oklahoma. As early as 1868, Turner Falls, located near Davis, Okla., has been a popular recreational area. Springs from the Arbuckle Mountains form Honey Creek, which cascades down a 77-foot waterfall to a natural swimming pool.

And, for the record, I did enjoy photographing the falls.

I just wish it had been about 20 degrees cooler!


  1. UM!! I distinctly remember dad's reluctance to take us to the pool and he really didn't like to get in to what has happened to this guy????

  2. Oh but he loved Turner Falls!!!!! He told us we HAD to take the girls there when they were little. We did. They were not so impressed with the green stuff floating on top the water! "GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!!" Kim gets extra credit points for going there!

  3. I need to check this place out! I'm with Randy! Nothing like a good swimming hole-- so to speak!

  4. Kim,

    It took a few minutes, but I tracked down this blog after noticing your "fried pies" blog on a hunt - if you can believe it - for a website for "My Pie" pizza in Oklahoma City.

    I took my son for his first "vacation" to Turner Falls. We lived in Oklahoma City at the time. He's 40 now and probably doesn't even remember - but I do! I was a young, single mother and this weekend away represented a sizable chunk of my liquid assets. We stayed in a motel, swam in the lagoon, visited the outlaw caves and generally had a great time. I thought I was really in tall cotton! When we got back, my mom asked him what his favorite part was........he said "Grandma! There was Coke machine RIGHT DOWN THE HALL from our room!" Sigh! I could've given him a roll of quarters at home and told him to "knock himself out!" Doesn't matter, though.....I had a fun time with him.

    Thanks so much for the memories.


    P.S. I think you're a talented writer and will look forward to reading your other blogs. And......fried pies are just about the best things in the world! I've had four-star dinners and desserts since my aunt used to make them for me and really - I can't remember anything I've enjoyed more than a fresh fried pie hot and gooey.

    Deb Collet