Thursday, October 14, 2010


This week in my email inbox, I had this message: Go Old School with Wildcats Vintage Apparel.

"Old school is the new school look, and we've got you covered," the ad proclaims.

My new great-nephew is evidently quite the fashion-forward little guy.

At the K-State vs. Nebraska game last week, Braden was decked out in a retro look. He was wearing sweatpants that his dad, Blake, wore back when he was just a tyke.

He has the old-school sweatshirt, too, but it was a tad balmy for that.

I can't believe my sister still had the outfit. She's much less a packrat than me, and I've gotten rid of the majority of baby clothes around here.

Lisa & Braden, October 7, 2010

And while we all know that Braden is an exceptional baby, we had no idea we could add "fashion plate" to his list of accomplishments in his young, seven-week-old life.

Being a fashionista is hard work. It tires a fellow out.

He may have to switch up the game gear today since we're hoping for a different outcome this week.

Go 'Cats! Beat the 'Hawks!

(And yes ... We do begin the brainwashing early!)


  1. Hope Braden remembers to wear his purple today! He had some good smiles on Tuesday to signal a Wildcat victory.

  2. LOVE IT!! He is so cute. I've been following his arrival. The bride at my house sang with Braden's Daddy in college days!

  3. Loved the post as only a great-grandma can. Will have to let him know how fashionaly he was dressed for the day.