Thursday, January 6, 2011


Kermit said it isn't easy being green.

It's not easy being PURPLE in Big Red Country either.

Eric has been subtly cheering for the Wildcats with his work attire. Every Friday during football season, he wore a purple shirt to work. I'm not sure anyone at work knew about his plan to overtake all those Husker fans with one purple shirt, but it made him feel better.

But enough with the subtlety. They wanted a flagpole and K-State flag so they could fly their Purple Pride on game days.

Most of all, our Nebraska newlyweds wanted a limestone rock for Christmas. They didn't figure they could find any stone cutter in Nebraska who could craft a Powercat, and since the other parents live in Iowa, we were their best hope.

But they didn't want just any stone. They wanted an EMAW stone. And their wish came true.

It wasn't easy wrestling it into their trunk.

The EMAW stone went on a Christmas adventure from Kansas to Nebraska to Iowa and back to Nebraska.

They are just waiting for an unsuspecting delivery guy or a clueless neighbor to come up to the door and say, "Hello, there Mr. EMAW. How are you today?"

And our Wildcats in Huskerland will smile and say, "Very well, thank you!"

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