Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How Now, Brown Cow?

How now, brown cow? Well, it ought to be a brown cow. Or a black cow. It could even be a black baldy. But it shouldn't be a black and white dairy cow.

I've always wondered if others scratch their heads at the Chick-fil-A commercials. The company does a lot of advertising during ballgames, so I see a fair number of their ads.

Every time, I've wondered if the ad agency knows the difference between dairy cattle and the cattle breeds more often raised to put beef on American dinner tables.

When I saw the giant Chick-fil-A cow towering over Turner Field in Atlanta, I did a little investigating.

Evidently I am not the first person to question the use of dairy cattle to push chicken consumption. The explanation by the company? Holsteins are more lovable than beef cattle.

Come on now! Who doesn't think this face is lovable?

(February 2010)

As a Kansas beef producer, I hope the visitors to Turner Field in Atlanta will ignore the giant dairy cow's advice to get their mitts on chicken.

What's more American than a big, juicy steak or a perfectly grilled hamburger when you're watching the ballgame?

But make mine from Angus, Hereford or a nice crossbred steer please. And leave the Holsteins for the big glass of milk to go with it.

And please, while the ad execs are at it, could the cows find a dictionary? The misspelled words are another "pet" peeve for me.

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