Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Everybody's Neighborhood

"Downtown is everybody's neighborhood." It said so - right on the trash can. 

Downtown Wichita is not my normal neighborhood, but I was glad to claim it for a recent morning walk. We were in the Air Capital City for the Wheat Profit Maximizer conference earlier this month.

It's a good thing Wichita is not known as "River City." The drought that has plagued Kansas the past two summers has also taken its toll on the Arkansas River through downtown Wichita.

A little rain did fall in Kansas yesterday. Here at the County Line, we got about 0.10 of an inch. It certainly wasn't enough to break the drought or fill rivers and streams, but the cool, wet morning was like a mini-vacation.

I'll bet the ducks that joined Randy and me on our Wichita morning walk were as happy as we were to feel the drizzle and let the cool breezes ruffle their feathers.
On that Wichita morning, I should have started walking a bit sooner. Though I saw a beautiful full moon as it was setting, I didn't make it to the Keeper of the Plains statue in time to capture it with my camera as it slipped over the Indian's shoulder.

But that's OK. The Keeper of the Plains provided a silhouette a bit different from my typical windmill or barn at sunrise.
I was glad to be in the neighborhood.


  1. Kim,
    I have spent a little time in Wichita. I worked for Cargill Meat Solutions (Excel) right out of college. Wichita is where HQ is located.

    Neat picture of the Keeper of the Plains. I really like the first one!

    1. I didn't know you had a Kansas connection! I just learned something new about you.