Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Advice for Graduates by Kinley Marie

Madison with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Moore
Advice for Graduates
By Kinley Marie
Amanda and grandparents Woody & Nadine Logback
I learned a new word this week: Graduation. It is a big word for someone like me. From what I can tell, the people who graduate wear funny hats.

I know all about funny hats because my Grandpa is always putting silly things on his head. He looks much sillier than the girls who were wearing their caps and gowns.
Anyway, I went to a party for one of the graduates I know on Saturday. Amanda, who is my Great Aunt Kathy's and Uncle Dave's oldest daughter, graduated from Rose Hill High School on Sunday. The week before, my Great Uncle Kent's and Aunt Suzanne's daughter, Madison, graduated from Skyline High School.  My Great Uncle Bruce's and Aunt Nina's daughter, Anna, also graduated from Corrie ten Boom Academy last week.

Whew! That is a lot of graduations. Thankfully, I didn't actually have to sit through any of them. But, I've heard that graduations are a time for advice. I am glad to offer what little I have learned in my time here on earth. I am, after all, fast approaching 17 months of age.

First of all, I would advise the graduates to stop and smell the roses.
If no roses are available, they should stop and smell the geraniums. You should notice the pretty stuff in life.
And if you get a chance to hang on to the pretty stuff, go for it. It will make you happy. (Until you get in trouble for pulling off the petals. I think it's probably worth it anyway.)

Some things in life are easier. You can even do them pretty much by yourself. You should figure out what those things are and do them the very best you can.
Some things are a little more difficult. People may have to give you a little push. And sometimes they have to catch you, too. Be thankful for the helpers in your life.
Some things are just too big to do by yourself. And it's OK to ask for help. Sometimes it's more fun to do things with the people you love.
Greeting cards and graduation speakers are always telling graduates to reach for the stars. I think that's pretty good advice.
But sometimes you'll reach for things and, for the life of you, you just can't quite reach them.
And that's OK. Ask for help. Try again. And learn from the experience. You probably learn more after you fall down than if you do it perfectly the first time. At least, that's what my Grandma says.

While you're reaching for the stars, be sure and bow your head and say your prayers, too. That's the most important thing of all.

A message from Grandma: Prayers for those devastated by the tornado in Moore, Okla. There are no words.

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