Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hostess with the Mostest by Kinley Marie

Hello! It's me again, Kinley Marie. I'm the one in the middle who's incognito, hiding behind my animal-print sunglasses and in my tiger-striped dress.

My Uncle Brent came to visit me in Topeka last week. It's only fair: I visited him in Kentucky in July. My Grandma and "Pa-pa" didn't want to miss the fun, so they came, too. They wanted to go to the zoo AGAIN! They are so predictable. But, being the good hostess I am, we went where my guests wanted to go.
It's a good thing I love animals. However, some of the animals must be tired of seeing us. My friends, the elephants, didn't even bother to come out and say, "Hello!" They need to learn some manners, I think.

You might remember that I love turtles. One of them didn't look so happy to see me. He had a grumpy face. But another one decided to come over and say, "Hi!" He could teach Tembo and Sunda, the elephants, a thing or two about hospitality. 
But, then again, sometimes the animals are just a little too friendly like Mr. Flamingo in the tropical rain forest. I needed Mommy to protect me.
I like being friends from a distance. These ducks liked Uncle Brent and me just fine when we tossed them some food. Uncle Brent said I needed to work on my throwing, but the turtles right underneath the bridge liked my throw just fine, thank you very much. Thanks for the quarters, Pa-pa! And the turtles and ducks thank you, too.
The real bears were hiding in their den, so I had to settle for this guy.
These cats were bigger than the ones at Grandma and Grandpa's farm.
I think I'd rather they stick behind the glass. But I did get to visit with some little kitties last weekend.
But, back to the zoo. Because, goodness knows, we are always going back to the zoo. But I don't mind.That's where I can see my friends, the giraffes. I got to see them twice - once in their barn and then again outside.
You won't believe it, but I talked everyone into trying some new Topeka entertainment options. Come back tomorrow for those.

'Til then,
Kinley Marie


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    1. I was spoiled to get to see her two weekends in a row. I must admit I had a few withdrawal symptoms after a fun week with family. Who would think this "old lady" would have to get re-adjusted to an empty nest?