Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ho! Ho! No! No! No!

A Christmas Story
By Kinley Marie

Give me a tiny Mickey Mouse hat for my head.
Give me a tiny horn to toot.
Make me fluff the Christmas tree. (I'll hold my mouth just so!)
Make me examine old Christmas tree ornaments from my Mommy's and Daddy's past.
I'll hang the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ornament that Grandma and Grandpa brought me (after I carry it around awhile).
Yes, I'll even stand on my leg to work, even though it's in a cast. 
I'll supervise the parents' decorating efforts while I rest my leg and check email on Mommy's phone. 
But do not make me go see that big guy in the red suit and the beard. Ho, Ho, NO, NO, NO!

Last year, Mommy & Daddy made me sit on that guy's lap.
This year, they said I could decide for myself. (I heard my Mommy tell my Grandma that I didn't need anymore trauma when my leg is already in a cast.)
And I decided, "No, no, NO!" (even though Santa probably would have liked my Christmas sock and my jingle bell. He probably would have liked my cast, too, now that I've switched to pink. It's just a lighter shade of red, you know, which the Big Guy seems to like.)

Santa seems to be popular. There was a line to see him at the mall. I graciously decided that someone else could take my place.
This year, I think I'll just stick to a Christmas portrait with Mommy and Daddy.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Until next time,
Kinley Marie


  1. So cute! What is it with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and these little ones? The Bug is obsessed--of course, she's obsessed with the Wizard of Oz, too. Her little sock is adorable for her cast!

    1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is definitely Kinley's favorite. I think your Bug had some help with The Wizard of Oz obsession with Grandma's fall project. Won't Christmas be fun this year?! Enjoy! (And enjoy your time off from school, too.)