Monday, December 30, 2013

Look Whooo's Two! It's Me, Kinley!

Look Whooo's 2 today! Yes, it's me, Kinley Marie!
I am taking cupcakes to day care today to celebrate, but I had a party with my family on Saturday. My Mommy worked really hard to make me a party with an owl theme.

See! She made cupcakes that looked like owls. She cut out cheese and meats and made them look like owls. She made no-bake cookies that looked like nests and put M & Ms in them. The candy was my favorite part.
The grown-ups kept talking about how much I'd grown. I suppose, if we look back at last year's party, they are right: I have grown quite a bit.

My Grandma Fritzemeier had further photographic evidence. On the first day I came home from the hospital, she took this photo of me and the Dolly that Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Moore gave me.
Taken January 1, 2012
On Saturday, I carefully measured Dolly to see if she had shrunk during the past two years.
No, I don't think so. So I must have grown into a big girl sometime in the past 730 days (AKA 2 years)!

My cousin, Hannah, helped me open my presents. Next month, when she's 2, I'll probably help her out, too, now that we both have so much experience, what with all the Christmas gift and birthday gift opening.
I may not be able to fly like an owl, but I got my own wings for my birthday. My Aunt Kate and Uncle Drew fixed me up with fairy wings.
I'll be ready to fly the coop with this owl suitcase. Here I come, Grandmas and Grandpas!
I got so many presents for my birthday that I may still be writing thank you notes by Easter. (With a birthday so close to Christmas, I had barely gotten my Christmas thank yous started.)

I am a pretty lucky 2 year old, don't you think? My Grandma would say I'm blessed. Yes, I think she's got it right! 

Until next time,
Kinley Marie

P.S. A note from Grandma Kim: Happy Birthday to my favorite 2 year old! I am blessed indeed!


  1. What fun to turn 2! I love the owl ideas and purple wings. Kinley's cute smiles make me think she had a blast.