Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Wildflowers: Snapshot Kansas

It makes sense that a place like this is called Peace Creek.
I love this time of year, when the goldenrod casts its yellow happiness over the landscape as it prepares for fall.
The moths find nourishment from the tiny yellow flowers ...
... and caterpillars await their transformation to winged beauty. 
The Monarch butterflies pause briefly in our Kansas plains as they make their way to Mexico for the winter.
The yellow in their stained glass wings mirrors the landscape as they dine on the prairie's nectar.
Last week, the Snapshot Kansas challenge was fall wildflowers. Our alfalfa isn't wild, but it does provide a pretty backdrop for winged creatures who flit and float above the purple-dotted green fields before the fall freeze that's sure to come in a matter of weeks.

Even the grasses are like flowers when lit with the soft kiss of sunset.

Looking at these photos just confirmed the message from a Guideposts email devotional that I saved:

A Time to Think

The more I study nature, 
the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator.
 –Louis Pasteur, French chemist

A Time to Act

Take notice of the changes that are blooming around you.

A Time to Pray

God, thank You for the moments that wake me up to this perfectly beautiful world.


  1. Wild flowers are some of my favorite photo subjects. How fun to find butterflies to capture too.

    I would have saved this devotional too. Thanks for sharing, Kim.

    1. Wildflowers are one of those bonuses we sometimes get with life on the farm or ranch! We definitely can't complain about the "office decor" on the job, right?!

  2. Love the butterfly. And I think alfalfa could be considered a wild flower. There is some wild alfalfa here. It doesn't last long though.
    Love the devotional. Especially the first one.

  3. Thanks, Cheri. The Monarch butterflies come through our area at about this time of year on their annual migration to Mexico. Once in awhile, they settle down long enough for a snapshot.