Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Are You Ready for Some Football?

We got a letter from Coach Bill Snyder last week. He wanted us to help fill Bill Snyder Family Stadium for K-State's football season opener last Saturday. So we did.

What? You got the letter, too? It wasn't just a special message to Randy and me?
Oh well. I'm glad we went anyway. It does feel like family at Bill Snyder Family Stadium, just like Coach says:
As I have stated so many times publicly and in my own thoughts, we (my family & I) came to Kansas State because of the people and returned to Kansas State because of the people.  You have been the foundation of the development of our football program and our University.  You have taken our attendance from 13,000 to 50,000.  You have ... genuinely cared about your “family football program” for the right reason. ...

As the 2014 season is about to get underway, I hope you will join us in supporting your program by filling “your family stadium” with caring, passionate K-Staters.  And thank you for recognizing that this is about far more than winning and losing and that its true meaning is relative to the development of quality young men who establish character and intrinsic values that will guide them to successful and meaningful lives.
Our Kansas State Wildcats were victorious over the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks, 55-16, Saturday night. We were winners on the scoreboard. We were winners in getting reacquainted with the other season ticket holders in Section 13. It does end up feeling a little like a family reunion as we visit with the people who sit near us, year after year.
And we were winners in the Kansas sky department, too.
Even though it was too hot - even with a 6:10 start time - the skies and clouds were beautiful as we moved toward sunset. 
Those sun-kissed clouds added a beautiful backdrop to the Pride of Wildcat Band's halftime show.
Then, fireworks lit up the sky, too.
The west stadium provided its own light show, as we left and walked back toward Brent's house. Bill may think we're all family. But it was Brent that let us park at his house and save the $20 parking fee. 

Thanks, Bill! It was a great family reunion, and it was good to be back.


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    1. Thanks! I loved how the sky shifted from clear blue in the afternoon to the light-tinged clouds as we neared sunset. I love Kansas skies AND Kansas State football!

  2. Sounds like a fun way to kick off College Football season and celebrate Labor Day weekend.