Thursday, May 14, 2015

Carriers of the Light

The sun was slowly saying goodbye to the day as we rode 4-wheelers across the Ninnescah River bridge. After a recent rain, Randy was checking to make sure the fence wire was still in place to keep the cattle where they were supposed to be.
As we again crossed the bridge to take the 4-wheelers back to the trailer, I glanced to my left and saw the sun playing hide and seek through the canopy of century-old trees. It was worth a detour to the cool, light-dappled path under the arms of the cottonwoods and elms.
FYI: HDR treatment on the photo
A few nights later, I was at our school's middle school and high school music concert. One of the songs sung by the 5th and 6th graders, Carriers of the Light by Jerry Estes, reminded me of that quiet scene.

I can get caught up in the daily to-do lists. Words can pierce the soul, many times unintentionally. Attitudes can falter in the crush of a life lived full-speed ahead. But I should be a carrier of Light instead of darkness.
Here are the words to the song. They resonate with me as graduates prepare to walk across high school and college stages this weekend. I should develop this kind of tunnel vision:

We are ignited, we are ablaze,
Burning with the fire of life.
We have invited you to this place,
To step into the circle of light.

We are carriers of the light,
Come to shatter the darkness.
We have power to pierce the night,
Carriers of the light.

Standing together shining our light,
There is no stopping us now.
Chasing the shadows into the night,
Overcoming darkness and doubt.

For when it touches you
When it sets you aglow,
The spark within your heart
will light the flame in your soul!
In case you'd like to listen, here's a children's choir rendition from YouTube. It might as well be stuck in your head, too!


  1. Lovely post; beautiful photos.

  2. Arian says your this close to being the next pioneer woman.

    1. Tell Aaron I said thanks for his vote of confidence, though I'm not holding my breath.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Lynda. I'm glad I took a few minutes to sit beneath those trees.

  4. This photos , I should say, the scenery is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Cheri. I feel blessed to witness it every day.