Thursday, May 28, 2015

Scrapbook Snapshots

Doesn't it look like Brooke is holding onto the sides of the slide because she knows Kinley might chuck her off at any moment?
I have always documented life through photos. But, as I've said before, I'm not good about getting the pictures into beautifully-appointed scrapbooks. I've told my kids, "You'll have to dig through plastic tubs for the story of your life. It's there: You'll just have to work for it."

The blog has given me a vehicle for chronicling our family's life. So, today, here's a scrapbook of snapshots from last weekend. Because of the rain, Randy and I took a quick trip to Topeka to see the granddaughters ... and, of course, Jill and Eric, too. Randy hadn't seen Brooke since she got so mobile. And, even in just a two-week span since I'd seen her, she had more "tricks."
 She's not quite 9 months old, but she was walking behind a push toy at the Discovery Center.
Her Mommy walked early, so Miss Brooke may follow in her footsteps - literally.
She doesn't seem to have any fear either. She is a climber like her Mommy. (I once plucked Jill off the dining room table.) Brooke wants to be a big girl like Kinley.

She isn't the only one with new skills. Kinley is trying to master the art of bike riding. Remembering to steer is the challenge at the moment.
But even with new skills, Kinley's favorite outdoor activity continues to be swinging. We dodged the raindrops and got some swinging time in.
Brooke appears to be a fan of swinging, too. 
Here it looks like she's telling me, "Hey! My turn! Don't forget about me!

We asked Kinley whether she'd rather go to the zoo or the Discovery Center. Since Grandpa hadn't been to the Discovery Center, he was glad she chose that option. 

He helped her paint.
We all took our turn telling a story at the puppet theater.
Only one of us played dress-up though!
What fun!

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