Tuesday, November 3, 2015

60 Reasons to Love the Halloween Weekend

60 reasons to love the Halloween weekend:  I could easily share 60 photos from the Halloween weekend. I could share double that number. I took 138 photos, to be exact. But loading 60 photos into the blog would make everyone's computer run too slowly. And, let's face it. With a 3 year old and a 14 month old involved, there were a fair number of outtakes anyway.

But there were definitely 60 reasons to celebrate!

1. First of all, we got to celebrate Randy's 60 years on October 30.

2. The kids and granddaughters were home for an extended weekend.

3. We got 0.75" of rain on Randy's birthday. It was the best present possible.

Nephew Derek, son-in-law Eric, niece Abby, Jill, Randy & Brent
Randy & his "much younger" sister, as Kathy would like everyone to know!
4 through 44 or so. We celebrated with lots of friends and family.

45. There were party hats and noisemakers, two essential party ingredients, according to the 3 year old, who helped me shop for decorations.

46. There were balloons, a hit with the 14 month old.

47. We had family photos taken bright and early Saturday morning. (Let's hope for good results despite an overcast, chilly morning.)

48. Grandpa had expert help feeding the "livestock" on the farm.

49. Kinley made a new friend and christened her Cozy. The name seems appropriate when you look at the two new friends together. That kitty was patient!

50. Listening to Kinley talk to Cozy, saying, "Kitty, kitty! You're so pretty!"

51. Listening to Brooke talk to the kitties. I have no idea what she was saying.

52. Discovering yet another musical prodigy.

53. Having the cutest Ariel around stay for trick or treating in Stafford.

Trick or treating is serious business!
54. Having her sidekick, Flounder, stay, too!

 55. Watching the girls play together and seeing Kinley watch out for her little sister.

56. Going to church with the whole family.

57. Watching Kinley during children's time at church and helping her take communion.

58. Having a snooze after everyone departed (after getting things sort of, kind of back in order). Kinley wasn't the only one with a power nap this weekend.

59. Having plenty of leftovers for Sunday supper - no cooking required!

60. Watching the Royals win ... even if they kept me up way past my bedtime after a full weekend and a time change.

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