Friday, December 18, 2015

Ho, Ho, Holiday Baking!

I had good intentions. I was going to try a new holiday cookie recipe in time to blog about it this week. But I had an all-day meeting in Hutchinson on Tuesday and then finished up my Christmas shopping afterwards.Then I spent the bulk of the day helping with a funeral dinner at church on Wednesday. And even though I multi-tasked at the church by stuffing Christmas letters and cards in envelopes, I still didn't get a new recipe tried.

So, I searched Kim's County Line for some tried and true holiday ideas. Just think of it as the Ghost of Christmases Past ala The Christmas Carol. But these ghosts are yummy - not scary. Click on the links to find the recipes.

Happy Baking! I definitely have that on my weekend to-do list! These just represent a few of the treats I've featured since 2010. You can also search for specific things by typing "cookies," "bar cookies," "quick breads," "snack mixes," etc., into the blog's search bar found near the upper left.
Admittedly, these Lofthouse Sugar Cookie Bars aren't on the same level as the frosted sugar cookies my sister, Lisa, rolls out and turns into Santas, ornaments, stars and stockings each year. On the other hand, these sugar cookie bars take about a 10th of the investment of time. And they still:
1) Taste good.
2) Look pretty on a cookie tray.
Score and score! 
We've all been there: You see a cute idea in a magazine or on Facebook or Pinterest and think, "How hard can that be?" And then your version needs a caption to explain what you were attempting. But, this time, I think the County Line versions turned out pretty cute, though not as perfect as the air-brushed magazine photos.

Thumbprint Cookies
These cookies look fancy. But there's a secret. They use a cookie mix for the base. 


 These always look pretty on a cookie tray and would also work great for a cookie exchange! And you make them in a skillet.

Even though I originally made these with fall-themed sprinkles, they could be easily adapted to Christmas.

These bars are really more candy than cookie. This recipe is one of those "must-make" ones on the holiday baking list.

Bonus! There are links to several snack mixes if you click the link above. (They just aren't decorated for Christmas.)

This is one of those "required" snack mixes at our extended family's Christmas celebration. (That's my problem: There are too many "required" treats. Perhaps that's why I didn't get a new one tried.)

I'm linked today to Weekend Potluck. I was thrilled to see that my blog post from last week, Ham and Cheese Pinwheels, was one of the recipes featured. Click on any of the hostesses' links to see what's cooking for holidays in cooks' kitchen across the U.S.!


  1. Shouldn't have stopped over--now I am hungry! :) Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Mrs. E! Enjoy your vacation from school and the time with family!