Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Then and Now

"In my Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it.
You'll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade."

Easter 1963: We either didn't have new bonnets or we didn't wear them in the after-church shot at my Grandma/pa Neelly's house.

But it does show our Easter finery. My mom made our Easter dresses every year. Usually, she used the same pattern for my two sisters and me, and we each got a different color of the same fabric.
Brother Kent didn't get a matching tie for his first Easter back in 1967. We usually didn't wear hats except at Easter. I certainly can recall the choking grip of the elasticized band around my chubby neck. We may have begged to leave them off for the photo.

However, my memories didn't keep me from making my daughter wear an Easter bonnet (at least until she was old enough to protest!)
(Easter 1988)

The tradition for frilly dresses, white patent leather shoes and ruffled socks continued. I've always loved this photo. Brother and sister love and cleaned up kids ... what's not to like?

When our kids were little, we started an Easter egg tree tradition. We blew out eggs and decorated them. I've been storing them in egg cartons ever since, and each year, I enjoy remembering the fun we had decorating eggs. I got some of them out this year, though I didn't decorate the Easter egg tree, since we won't have guests for Easter.
When we stopped by Topeka last weekend, I got to watch as Kinley decorated her own blown-out Easter eggs. Strategically, the Easter egg dyeing was planned during Brooke's naptime. Brooke and fragile Easter eggs don't mix. Brooke and food dye don't mix. Maybe next year!
Kinley was fascinated, watching the food dye dissolve in the water.
Coloring eggs is serious business.
Even though Brooke was not invited to the egg decorating party, she did get to meet the bunnies and chicks at Orscheln's. 
Brooke will be glad to inform anyone that bunnies go "Hop, hop, hop!" She also does a good baby chick imitation. 
I hope the Easter bunny hops to your house this weekend! Happy Easter!

I debated about posting this lighthearted Easter message today on Good Friday, the most solemn day of the Christian year. However, even on this day of betrayal and sacrifice, we look forward to the Good News. For a more introspective look at Good Friday, check out these previous blog posts:


  1. Special memories. Happy Easter.

  2. What fun memories with the children. I suppose we have them but nobody seems to remember them. We did have lots of egg hunts with the kids and the grandkids. It seems everyone is too old now---or pretend to be.
    Happy Easter to you and yours

    1. My mom helped keep the egg hunts alive into the grandchildren's teen years by also hiding some eggs with coins. It was quite the battle to see who could collect the most money! And, of course, chocolate is always good.