Friday, September 2, 2016

More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys

Brooke & Kinley at Tanganyika Wildlife Park - August 30, 2016
The day began at an animal park
On a quest for fun, we did embark. 
Who'd have thought that we could feed
So many animals, so many breeds? 
A tall giraffe came up to dine.
He dipped his head and did recline.
He ate the lettuce out of hand.
That was really, truly grand!
Kangaroos were there to pet.
Even though we'd only met.
We approached them quietly. 
And they did not hop up and flee!
In mama's pouch, a baby hid.
We wish we could have seen that kid!
It was not time to come and play.
Maybe on another day!
A rhino came up to the fence.
His horn was giant! We were tense!
But he stayed there, and we stayed here. 
So we had not a thing to fear!
You'd think with "pygmy" in a name.
A smaller mouth, a hippo'd claim.
But it was really, truly large.
At feeding time, it was in charge!

A sweet potato was their snack. 
Those big teeth did chomp and whack. 
As their mouths did open wide
I'm glad they're on the other side!
It seemed that lemurs' snack was planned
As they ate fruit out of my hand.
Their tails were long and full of rings.
They were such cute & frisky things!
Brooke was not a fan of feeding
Giraffes? Hippos? She was not heeding.
But when we got to bunny den.
She was glad to feed them then!
Kinley had quite a bunny crew
The lettuce caused them to accrue!
The worker called this tortoise small.
I didn't think that true at all!
He stuck his head out of his shell. 
He thought that lettuce sure was swell!
Lorakeets are pretty birds.
Blue, green, yellow - descriptive words!
But we did not like them flying 'round.
We'd rather they stay on the ground!
Grandpa liked them more than us!
He didn't even make a fuss.
When one landed on his head. 
It filled us both with lots of dread!
But Grandpa thought it lots of fun!
He fed them 'till the feed was done.
There were lots of friends to see.
Some were climbing in a tree.
Some looked ready for a swim
In a pool filled to the brim. 
A "cat" peeked out of grass so green.
The cutest thing we could have seen!

But it was time to leave the zoo.
Our time there? It really flew!
We would like to come and play
At the park another day!
There were other animals to feed.
At Grandpa's farm, there were indeed!
The kitty cats came up to eat.
Petting them is just so sweet!
We also tried to feed some fish.
Must not have found our worms delish!
We did not get them on the line.
Oh well! Maybe another time. 
We had fun at park and farm.
Both had plenty of good charm. 
It is always good to play
We'll be back another day.
To Grandma's' house and Grandpa's, too.
There is plenty more to do!

We visited Tanganyika Wildlife Park at Goddard for the animal encounters. We recommend it! Kinley and Brooke's Mommy was jealous she had to miss it, so we might have to go back again. We might even bring Daddy (Eric) and Uncle Brent!


  1. Where did you learn to rhyme

    1. It's not always easy! But it's fun to challenge myself on occasion!

  2. That is really a wonderful Wildlife Park and a much nicer name than Zoo. Looks everyone has an exceptional time.
    So sad about the old barn.

    1. Thanks, Mary Beth. We did have a fun time and hope to go back some time.

      We wondered if more of our barn would fall down on Saturday when there was a 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma. We felt it here. But nothing more fell, so that is good!

  3. Wonderful rhyme, beautifully illustrated. Such a lovely day with your grand children. It was a little odd to see our lorikeet's and kangaroo in your zoo. I'm reading this, sitting outside our home having breakfast and hundred's of lorikeets are feeding on the gum blossoms of nearby trees. They make a joyful, if sometimes, raucous sound.

    1. The birds were beautiful, but the girls were not fans because they didn't like them flying around and landing on them. Randy thought it was fun, though.

      The kangaroos, on the other hand, were among their favorites!

  4. Oh, I LOVE LOVE this and the poetry is awesome. Great fun I can see that. Hug B

    1. I'm sure you will have plenty of adventures to come with your Little Miss, too! It is such fun!