Friday, September 23, 2016

My State Fair Is the Best State Fair

Two little girls came to the fair
Brooke, at first, didn't want to be there.
She was afraid that she would be left
Without her Mommy, she'd be bereft. 
Kinley was ready to hop into fun
Her face poked out of a flower of "sun."
Brooke was all shy and hiding her face.
She wasn't sure what to think of this place! 
Once that she realized her parents would stay.
Then it was time to get underway.
Who'd want to ride when you can walk with your feet?
But being pushed by your sister is pretty sweet!
A magic show was one of the stops.
Daddy got used as a ventriloquist prop.
Some of his antics made us all laugh
Even though ostrich might get cut in half!
A bunny named Stardust was part of the show.
She sat in her hat and went with the flow!
By the time we got to the Kansas Wheat booth
Brooke was all smiles - and that is the truth!
Both Kinley and Brooke peeked out with good cheer
There they were grinning from ear to ear.
There at the wheat booth, the combine was red.
But at Agriland, it was bright green instead.
It is probably good to give equal time
At fair exhibits on which to climb.
At Agriland, we also felt grain.
We stuck in our hands; we didn't abstain.
There we touched some corn and some wheat
Feeling sunflowers and cotton also was neat!
Those cutouts were fun for a couple of girls.
We stuck in our heads and gave it a whirl.
We were like flowers. We were like vets.
Pretending is pretty much good as it gets!
We watched as the worker was milking a cow.
Seeing all of the milk made us say, "Wow!"
Though we buy our milk in the grocery store
It's good to discover and learn even more.
We are thankful for cows and for farms
Giving us milk is one of their charms!
Since we had learned all about milking from pros,
we thought that we, too, should give it a go. 
Though the cow that we used, she wasn't a real one.
We milked and we milked until we were done!
Brooke looked closely and checked out the cow.
So proud of her efforts, she almost did bow!
She spent lots of time putting milk in the pail.
And was ready to tell all the tale!
There in a building we also saw sheep.
Though we listened for "baas," there was nary a peep!
At the fair's Birthing Center, there were new little pigs.
Off of their mama, they were taking some swigs!
Mama was glad to give them a drink
It made the piggies all plumped up and pink!
All of those piggies had gotten to eat.
So we thought it was time that we got a treat! 
At another fun place, we put cattle in fence
Driving a truck also made sense!
We like pretending that we're on a farm. 
Being like Grandpa? There's surely no harm!
One of our favorites was the place made for bunnies!
Watching their noses wiggle gave us some funnies!
Kinley had waited all day for a horse
Riding Tornado pleased her, of course!
'Round and 'round in a circle, the horse it did go
She wasn't ready at all to say "Whoa!"
At first, Brooke had said that she wouldn't ride.
But after walking away, it wasn't denied
So Brooke saddled up with her mom as her guide.
And her face was filled with a big look of pride!
The petting zoo goats were all ready to greet
With mouths at the ready, they wanted to eat!
Kinley filled shovels and shovels with grain.
None of those goats were heard to complain!

Brooke had decided that she would just watch.
That way she wasn't knocked over or squashed!
But before leaving, Brooke gave one a pet.
Since it was little, that was a good bet!
Then it was time for a ride in a train.
Brooke needed a nap so she wouldn't complain.
The rest of us kept our eyes on the track.
And all waved at Grandpa as the train rumbled back!
Mommy and Daddy went down the big slide
Two girls on their laps with them did ride. 
One was all smiles and filled with good cheer.
One's face revealed a little more fear!
Then it was time to go on some rides
But first we had to stand next to a guide.
It told us if we were tall enough now
To climb on a ride and maybe say, "Wow!"
Brooke was big enough to drive a car.
And even if it did not go far.
She still had a smile fixed on her face.
The midway was fun ... a wonderful place!
Sometimes the ride required a Mom
To ride such a ride without any qualm.
But Kinley was able to ride up on high.
Without any parent, she was ready to fly!
Then she went over to ride on a coaster.
All alone did she ride, but she wasn't a boaster!
The dragon was grinning. Kinley was, too.
It was really such a fun thing to do!
While Kinley was flying up high in the sky.
Brooke gave the fish ride a bit of a try. 
Even though it stayed close to the ground.
She was all smiles. There wasn't a frown!
Though Kinley had earlier slid on a slide. 
Now by herself, she was ready to ride. 
She climbed up the stairs. It was really high.
With a rug underneath her, down she did fly!
A trip to the midway just isn't complete.
Without a ride on the carousel. Wasn't it sweet? 
With music playing a wonderful tune.
The ride was all over just a bit too soon! 
Photo taken by Brooke!
Then we were off and went to "Do Art."
There we made rockets. Fun off the chart!
Scissors and markers and buckets of glue.
We're always happy when crafts we can do!
Did you all notice that Kinley had smiles.
Even though we had walked miles and miles.
Her smile was as wide at the end of the day
As the first one she'd offered before our fair stay. 

As the rain came, we all ran for our car.
But even a deluge just couldn't mar
The fun that we'd had and the smiles that we'd shared
We can't wait until next year - the Kansas State Fair!

(A note from the poet: Grandma was slow posting this. It takes awhile to edit 100+ photos and write a post in verse. But I still wanted to share it for the girls and to preserve the memory of a fun family day!)


  1. What fabulous day Grandma had with her cute Granddaughters. I'm sure they will look at this with their Mum, time and time again.
    It was wonderful to see all these elements of your State Fair in verse.

    1. It was fun to see how much more the girls were able to do this year as compared to last year. It is such a joy watching them grow!