Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Class Photos

4th grade school photo
Remember picture day at school? Back in the 1960s, you wore your favorite dress, which your mom probably made at home. Your mom rolled your hair in rollers the night before so that you had those tight rolls of curls right next to your head. Your bangs threatened to crawl right up into the crown of your head.

I seem to recall an elementary school photo of me where my hair is a bit cattywampus. I'm sure it's in a cabinet at my folks' house, but I couldn't find it to share here. (What a pity, right?!)

I am sure that my hair was in place when I left home. However, the school photographers used to pass out these little combs before it was our turn to climb up into the portrait chair. Being the little rule follower I was, I probably tried to use that comb to "fix" my hair. I "fixed it" all right.

Experience is a good teacher:  I seem to recall telling Jill not to use the comb so conveniently provided before Lifetouch photos at school. 

As I was wandering around in the corral the other day, I couldn't help but think about taking class photos. So, here are some from the County Line Class of 2017.
This was our first little enrollee in the class. No. 700 always seems to catch my eye, and this time, he was being incognito up in the straw. There's always a Miss Photogenic in the bunch. (It was never me!)
Some kids never sit still for a photo. (I know a couple of granddaughters like that, too.)
No. 742 got a little carried away with the "eye shadow." You know those people who end up with raccoon eyes. Tragic!
Isn't this a sweet little face?
No. 704 glistened during the golden hour. We all like good lighting in our photos.
As an amateur photographer, I always like the little hams in the bunch 703, who stood so still ...
... and its corral mate, No. 713, who jauntily leaned her head "just so," like the old-time photographers used to do. 
With a corral full of black calves in the heifer lot, No. 708 wins the award for uniqueness. I always love the little black baldies and their sweet white faces. 
There are more white faces in the pasture though. This one has such a sweet expression.
Accessories always make a picture pop. That red feed bunk is just the right one.
Some do all they can to hide from the camera. I can relate!


  1. Kim,
    I love a white face! Looks like the calves are just the right size for heifers. Healthy, clean and happy too.

    So, here is my school photo drama story. In 5th grade we had PE before school pictures. I had curly hair and must have played hard during PE. The picture was horrible. For some reason Mom didn't let me have a "retake." I can live with the bad picture. The thing is my Dad carried the picture in is wallet and showed it to everyone for several years. Truth be told, I would not be surprised if he still has it in his wallet. Hopefully he is showing off pictures of his Grandson and not the golden oldie of me, lol!

    1. I imagine we all have a lovely school photo. How "kind" of your dad to keep yours in circulation for so long - ha!