Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Flying the Coop

There's been an exodus from the County Line. No, Randy and I aren't planning a move to a retirement home ... at least, not yet.

But our backdoor visitors have flown the coop, so to speak. Maybe they are still flying around in the vicinity, but they are no longer in the nest above the back door.
Last Friday, I got the final photo of all four of the fledglings.
Their numbers soon dwindled to three ...
... then two.

Randy watched the final one fly away Saturday morning. (Ugh! I missed it!)
Their parents are still hanging out on the wires nearby. I guess they are contemplating their lives as "empty nesters." I speak from experience: It takes awhile to adjust.


  1. They look so cute in the nest.
    How will you get the wall clean?

    1. Randy already scrubbed it with soap and water. It came off pretty well.

  2. How fun to have birds to watch. I can understand a little sad to see them fly away too.

    We got a shower earlier in the week, .17". J is up on the hill watching for fire now (Friday evening 7 pm.) There are several in the area, nothing out of control and there is rain in the area too.

    We got to 102* today and sounds like the next few days will be just as hot.

    1. Fire is scary. Those temperatures and lack of rain is disconcerting, I'm sure. Here's hoping we both get rain before long. It's been fair week, so it's been hot and humid. Those things just seem to go together, most of the time!