Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Rolling Hills Zoo: Kansas Staycation

With only a couple of couple of weeks before the start of the 2019-20 school year, time for vacation is fleeting. But here's another Kansas Staycation that provides a whole lot of fun right here in our own backyard.
We went early in the summer with the girls and Jill, and I've compiled the photos along with a rhyming tale into a keepsake book for both Kinley and Brooke. Come along for a visit to the Rolling Hills Zoo near Salina!

An outing was planned at the Rolling Hills Zoo
A day among creatures: What a fun thing to do!
First on the docket was to each grab a map
Grandpa says maps make the visit a snap.

Grandpa says maps help to know when and where.
Kinley consulted the map with great care.
Grandma says apples don't fall far from the tree.
I guess that she's talking 'bout him and 'bout me!
However, some animals weren't found on the sheet
But still their acquaintance, we surely did meet!
Geese wandered and flew throughout the whole park
In one hidden nest, a mom left a mark.
Some eggs she had laid were tucked into a nest.
Keeping our distance surely was best!

The butterflies, too, missed a spot on map page. 
Their flight among blooms seemed to be all the rage!

Flamingos were standing around on one foot
We had to try it: Would we go kaput?
No, we were so regal and filled with such grace
Even one-legged, we still could keep pace.

Next stop on the outing was at a big pond.
It seemed that a school of fish had been spawned.
A quarter we paid so we could feed fish.
It seemed that they liked it and found it delish!

Big cats laid around; they were ready to sleep.
Roaring at them? Still they made not a peep.
A good, long nap seemed a part of their plan.
We finally gave up and down the sidewalk we ran.
This chimp was not sleeping; he was ready to play.
He threw that big disk at the window display!
We were surprised, and we let out a shout.
We were sure hoping he could not get out!
That big yellow disk gave him lots of good fun.
In his arms, on his head, and he still wasn't done.
His orangutan friend didn't make such a fuss.
He stared and he gazed right over at us.
No antics for him. No cute interaction.
He made not a sound - not even one fraction.

Not all of the creatures were real and alive
A few we could ride, and we'd surely survive. 
Upon this big turtle we surely could hop.
More fun was to come: We weren't ready to stop.
Our Grandma said she could remember that creature.
On a previous visit, it was also a feature.
When Kinley was little, she named all the parts
The eyes and the head and the mouth just for starts!

Inside of the building, we saw the real thing.
"Aldabra tortoise:" It has quite a ring!
Keepers had brought them some veggies to munch.
That is what tortoises like for their lunch.
They didn't move fast; they were really quite slow.
But still when we watched them, we saw that they'd go.
They live long, long lives - up to 100 years.
However, extinction was once quite a fear.

Sichuan Takin was the next animal's name.
A most curious creature, we would likely proclaim!
The sign said the name would rhyme the word, "rockin'
It warns others like him with a loud "cough" for "talkin'. 
Some people do call it a "goat antelope."
It's threatened by poaching: (That's a definite "Nope!)
In China, it's thought as a national treasure
As precious as pandas? It is hard to measure.

Giraffes were inside, though a beautiful day.
We wish that they'd wanted to roam and to play.
Perhaps they'd been fed with their daily hay ration.
So munching and crunching was their current attraction!
As Mommy and we looked through windows that day,
Grandma said, "Looks like you girls are displayed!"

Giraffes eat a whole bunch, the sign clearly said.
Using long tongues in their big knobby heads.
75 pounds worth? No wonder they stay
Inside while they're eating and don't want to play.

It looked like the camel was telling a joke.
His expression was funny, a quite humorous bloke!
Imagining's fun, said our Grandma to us.
Thinking a camel would like to discuss
A story or joke or one or two puns
Before we moved on and our visit was done.

A rhino was next on the visit that day
His big, single horn was there on display.
His skin looked like armor; he looked really strong.
An enemy likely would not last long.
A rhino can weigh up to 6,000 pounds.
His size and his strength and his power abound.

Then it was time to strike a new pose
Grandma and cameras mean plenty of those!
We climbed on the statues for our next photo op
She clicked and she snapped. She rarely does stop!
We couldn't let animals have all the fun.
WE wanted to play before we were done.
We climbed and we dug in the dirt for awhile.
All of the playing left us with a smile.

A little barn scene came into our view.
There at Salina at the Rolling Hills Zoo.
Some sheep and some goats were all there to pet.
They were among the cutest, we'd bet!
Also at barnyard, we saw a small tractor
It was a sure Grandpa Randy attractor!
We climbed up on top. He showed us how.
And we could imagine we'd take off and plow.

Some free "souvenirs" we found on the ground
There were plenty of goose feathers we found.
They were all scattered and strewn all about.
There for our eyes to search out and scout.
We gave one to Grandpa to feather his hat.
Who knew that Grandpa was as stylish as that?!

Kinley used one for a pointer, you see
For marking her name: It filled her with glee!
Finding her name on a plaque was so sweet.
One with Brooke's name would be equally neat. 
But we didn't find one. Oh well, not to be.
Maybe another time? I guess we will see.
An "I Visited" sign gave us reason to pose.
The fun we were having, it certainly shows.
A day at the zoo is just hard to beat.
Exploring the animals surely is sweet!
Grandpa and Grandma and Mommy and us
Had fun for the day with the rhinoceros
And the camel and goats and big cats and the chimps
More fun for a day, as you probably glimpse
From looking at pictures, you surely can tell.
Our day at the zoo was certainly swell!


  1. What a wonderful day and keepsake for the girls. LOL re the jokes.

    1. It was kind of fun to come up with! We had a good time.