Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Catch of the Day

The catch of the day ...
I'm not sure whether the best catch was the 7-pound catfish (along with the 3- and 5-pounders we also added to the bucket.
Maybe it was catching this little common yellowthroat on "film."
(They are little and flit around quickly, so it definitely was a "catch" for me.)
It could have been  a lovely Saturday afternoon 4-wheeler ride with my favorite guy.
Maybe it was finding the cows and calves, along with two bulls, enjoying their summer vacation spot - right where they were supposed to be.
 Maybe it was holding a book in one hand and a fishing pole in the other ...
... especially a fishing pole that my faithful companion had baited and prepared for me. (I'm living the life: Randy baits the hook, he scoops up the fish in the net, removes the hook and then rebaits it for me. You wouldn't want me to get the book dirty, would you?)
The catch of the day could have been wandering around and taking photos.
Or it could have just been the beautiful scenery at our Ninnescah pasture.
If you close your eyes and listen to the water crash over the spillway, you could imagine you're on vacation in Colorado.
Well ... maybe.
There's no question: It was a beautiful day ...
... even if it was just in our old neck of the woods.


  1. With this 'catch' on your doorstep, you don't need to travel far. What a wonderful, wonderful day in so many ways. Brought back so many special memories of my Dad catching catfish from the creek bordering our first farm.

    1. That's true. We are blessed to live in a beautiful place, and the spring rains have made things pretty and green.